Hello! I am Amirul 'Avixes' Mohamad, a competitive Rainbow Six : Siege (R6) player from Malaysia. I am 24 years old. Currently I am playing for team Verv as the Captain/IGL.

I am a multimedia designer who has a strong passion for online gaming, especially in eSports. I have been playing games nearly my entire life. Never in my life have I thought of playing competitively, but playing R6 changed me from being a casual gamer to eSports enthusiast.

I started my Siege journey during mid-season Operation Dust Line (Year 1, Season 2) by playing casually while learning how the meta and mechanics works in this game. I never thought this game had any competitive scene back then, until I saw in-game menu advertising their livestream of Pro League Finals Season 3 (Operator Skull Rain). Since then, I am motivated to keep playing at the highest level, aiming for the Pro League stage.

My first competitive team I joined was Impetus Gaming (now MBT.Impetus). I was their Captain/IGL and was one of the co-founders. Our first Community Cup went well as we reached Top 8 among almost 30 teams in SEA region. After ESL and Ubisoft announced their plans for APAC Pro League (Year 2, Season 3), we trained ever harder and I decided to leave my day job to commit totally on the team. My teammates and I climbed the way through qualifiers, and we made it to the Pro League SEA region playoffs as seed #7. It was unfortunate that we lost the playoffs and couldn't make it to the Regional Finals in Sydney, Australia. I left Impetus Gaming as I felt guilty that I wasn't good enough to lead the team during the time.

I started training even harder and I formed Verv Gaming alongside my good friend Shahzeeq. He is now the team's manager. I managed to recruit few players back then, trained and coached them until they are good enough for competitive R6. In Verv Gaming, I played a lot of ESL tournaments together with my teammates and we have been pushing through our limits. In March 2019, a local esports/internet cafe in Johor organized an R6 tournament (K2Surf Rainbow Six Siege Tournament). We registered for the tournament to support the local R6 competitive scene. This is also the first time all of us meet up in real life, and our first LAN together. All of us came from different part of Malaysia, we gathered in Kuala Lumpur and started our journey together to Johor one day before the tournament. We were so tired from travelling, not having enough rest and sleep. Knowing there are good teams playing for the tournament, we put everything aside and focused ourselves for the first place. We pulled through, got our spot in the final, and we won the tournament with a score of 5-1. That was our first time ever to get first place in any tournaments. A month after our K2Surf Tournament, we were invited to GeekFam's Geek Arena showmatch. It was a match between Verv Gaming and Rimau eSports.

On July 2018, I put Verv Gaming 'on hiatus' because almost everyone in the team are occupied with studies and works. A month later, I was informed by some friends regarding local R6 tournament, which is Ansara eSports Malaysia 6 Championship. I was excited and called all of my teammates including our manager. We decided to join the tournament and commit hours to claim the title. We started training intensively for almost three months (September-November). Our first game went well, it was against President Crew, we won 6-0. We did not have the chance play our Quarter Finals match due to our opponent Phantom Gaming forfeited. The bracket had us worried as we have to face a strong Singaporean team, Haydn, in Semi Finals. We were highly motivated and pulled through by winning against Haydn with a score of 7-5. We made it to the finals, and it was against my ex-team, Impetus Gaming. As close at it gets, we won the title National Champion with the score of 2-1 (7-5, 4-6, 6-3). It was an emotional moment for me and my teammates having to claim the title that we never had expected to win.

Now, we are striving even higher than ever!


For business inquiries, please contact me through my email